Sports Medicine

Make Sure Your Active, Healthy Lifestyle Stays That Way.

Running backs for pro football teams rely upon topical compounds to help them recover from game aches. Major league pitchers recover from inflammation to the throwing shoulder due to topical agents prepared by compounding pharmacists working in conjunction with team healthcare

Whether you’re a workout enthusiast who needs to sooth aches and strains, a high school player recovering from a sports injury, or a weekend warrior trying to ease pain during the work week, compounding can provide serious benefits for every kind of athlete.

Sports activities and fitness programs focus upon an athlete’s strengths and are customized to meet his or her individual needs. So why not do the same with medication needs? A compounding pharmacist may be able to combine various drugs into a single dosage form to combat nerve pain, customize topical anti-fungal medications, or formulate special preparations to heal blisters or calluses. Compounded sun block creams, lotions, and lip balms may help protect athletes participating in outdoor sports. Working closely with both the athlete and a healthcare provider, compounding allows pharmacists to prepare medication in strengths and delivery systems that are just right for that particular athlete’s body, for the ultimate therapy.